FASTTAKES: Palm, Verizon Business, CASBAA, TNBN Co

Staff Writer
14 Aug 2009
Daily News

Palm has found itself under fire over concerns its Pre smartphone breaches consumer privacy by routinely collecting and transmitting user location and behavioral information.

Verizon Business said it had joined the Cloud Security Alliance, and plans to use its market power to advocate for security best practices around the world.

Cable TV body CASBAA has applauded the Indonesian government for launching a campaign to regulate the nation's cable TV industry. Many provincial cable companies operate without proper licenses, CASBAA said.

Nigeria's president has ordered the Nigerian Communications Commission to re-conduct the Wimax license tender, after finding that the original process was not sufficiently open or transparent.

The Australian government has established the Tasmania NBN Company (TNBN Co) as a wholly-owned subsidiary of NBN Co.

Global wireless data revenues are expected to grow by 26.2% in 2009 to $87.7 billion, according to research firm iSuppli. Revenues are projected reach $188 billion by 2013.

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