FASTTAKES: Vodafone, Google, Huawei, Ofta, SK Telecom, Opera

FASTTAKES: Vodafone, Google, Huawei, Ofta, SK Telecom, Opera

Staff writer  |   August 30, 2010
Vodafone is considering offloading its £4b ($6.17b) stake in China Mobile, either on-market or through a direct deal. Vodafone owns around a fifth of China Mobile's free floating shares.
Google is in talks with Hollywood studios over a global pay-per-view video service on YouTube, to launch by year-end, reports.
Huawei has expanded a deal with BT to include fiber access network solutions, which the telco will use in its £2.5 billion ($3.86b) 21C next-generation UK network.
Ofta has fined a small telecom licensee, HK United Finance Consultant Ltd, HK$200,000 ($12,800) and ordered it to pay outstanding interconnection charges to HGC for the delivery of incoming international calls.
South Korea’s SK Telecom will upgrade its wireless data network with a packet optical system from Alcatel-Lucent
Usage of the Opera Mini mobile browser grew 205% by unique users - and 238% by page views - during July among the 10 APAC nations which use it the most.
Norway's Systor Group is in talks with Indian system integrators including Tech Mahindra over the provision of MNP services in India.


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