Femtocell group cites industry progress

28 May 2008

The Femto Forum has cited progress in its bid to integrate femtocells into operator networks.

During its plenary meeting last in March, operator members agreed to a number of interoperability principles on the so-called Fa interface between Femtocell Access Points and Femto Gateways.

To help drive common practices, the Femto Forum has been accepted as a Market Representation Partner (MRP) with key industry standards bodies, 3GPP, 3GPP2 and established cooperation agreements with the DSL Forum and the GSM Association.

These key linkages ensure that femtocells develop in a way that meets the needs of both mobile and fixed operators, while advising on how existing standards are affected and should evolve.

This also makes Femto Forum a key advisor on both CDMA and GSM cellular standards used by almost all mobile subscribers and more than 300 million broadband subscribers worldwide.

A number of major operators worldwide have announced plans to deploy femtocells in the next 12 months.

"Vendors and operators are now working together to establish best practice for interoperable protocols that will be used for the different types of mobile networks," said Simon Saunders, Femto Forum chairman.

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