Fiber to the X fundamentals

18 Sep 2018

The need for bandwidth is growing fast—driven by 5G, cloud, IoT, mobile computing, HD video, and bandwidth-hungry applications. Worldwide, we’re seeing a gradual upsurge of fiber, as this is the primary technology that will support the applications of today and tomorrow.

Fiber’s very high bandwidth makes it possible to transport huge volumes of data with low latency. The trend toward convergence of different types of network and functionalities onto a single network promises increased efficiencies.

What’s more, studies and years of experience show that the presence of broadband brings a wealth of benefits—from increasing GDP and employment to supporting job retention and new business creation. In fact, fiber isn’t just “nice to have”—it is essential to our economic and social long-term future.

This white paper provides a complete overview of principles, technologies, architectures and business models for future networks.

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