FiberHome ASON system takes root abroad

FiberHome Technologies
19 Nov 2014

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FiberHome has opened up overseas markets over the past 10 years. Operators in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Middle East, Africa, South America and other markets have applied and deployed in large scale FiberHome's the mainstream optical network products.

One of such offerings is the FiberHome FonsWeaver series ASON (Automatically Switched Optical Network) products. ASON allows for dynamic policy-driven control of an optical or SDH network based on signaling between a user and components of the network. Its aim is to automate the resource and connection management within the network.

The logical architecture of an ASON can be divided into three planes: transport, control, and management.

The logical architecture of an ASON system

ASON's most important feature is that it adds a control plane based on the existing transport plane and management plane, which helps achieve intelligent control quickly to establish a service connection, and automatic topology discovery function.

In ASON systems, the Ethernet and other multi-service transmission is realized by mapping different levels of network services to SDH time slot through VC concatenation. This integrates GFP, LCAS and ASON several standard functions, which enables automatic intelligent optical network routing and assignment of functions. It not only greatly enhances the effectiveness and flexibilities of the equipment to support data services, but also makes ASON networks extend to the edge of the network.

To meet bandwidth requirements, FiberHome uses precise dispersion compensation, Raman of erbium-doped fiber amplifier technology, to successfully achieve transmission span of 560 km on G.652 or G.655 fiber at 40Gbps rate without regeneration error.

To meet the needs of large capacity, FiberHome's FonsWeaver series ASON products fully support multicasting and strictly non-blocking cross-matrix based on BitSlice technology. The maximum cross connection capacity is up to 1,280G.

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