FiberHome digs deep into the Philippine market

Zhu Runze
29 Jan 2015

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FiberHome has been solidly cooperating with the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) for four years when phase 4 of the operator’s FTK-5 project started. In those four years, FiberHome gradually became the main force in the Philippines ODN construction.

PLDT is the biggest, full-service telecom operator in Philippines, with more than 80% market share in the country. At the end of 2011, FiberHome exclusively undertook the FTTH projects in the Philippines, the company’s first turnkey project in that market.

After four years, FTK-1 to FTK-4 turnkey projects have already finished. During network deployment, FiberHome has help PLDT completed more than 73,000 lines ODN network coverage in Philippine capital of Manila and the surrounding suburban areas. Because of the success in network deployment, PLDT will start the fifth phase, and FiberHome will work on more than 50,000 lines.

According to FTTx network topology, an ODN network divides into Home Pass and Home Entry sections. Home Pass includes backbone and distribution network elements, and Home Entry stands for the last mile access network. In most situations, the hardest work in FTTx network deployment comes from Home Entry section. Before 2014, FiberHome’s scope of work in turnkey projects only focused on Home Pass.

The work in Home Entry is very complex, and the coordination with end users is difficult. FiberHome’s Home Entry project team overcame all the difficulties — analyzing customer requirements, network survey reports, commercial modes, environment, etc. — and finally came up with a proposal to PLDT. After evaluation, PLDT gave FiberHome over 2,000 lines Home Entry trial to deploy. Within three months, FiberHome finished the home entry project successfully and passed the final inspection of PLDT technical team.

Because of the successful project case of PLDT, FiberHome had more chances to go deeper into Philippine market. ComClark Network and Technology Corp., which built very few of ODN network before, is one of the most important operators in Manila City, started cooperation with FiberHome in the FTTx ODN field in 2013. Firstly, FiberHome only provided products for ComClark, but during the implementation for ODN network, ComClark always faced with many implementation troubles.

Even though such troubles had not come from FiberHome products, FiberHome helped out and provided total solutions for ComClark and dispatched relevant experts to stay in ComClark’s central office to solve problems. Eventually, ComClark gave FiberHome the first turnkey project for network deployment. Currently, FiberHome has already passed the final test, and ComClark is satisfied with the network performance.

And then there is SkyCable Corporation group, the Philippines' largest cable television provider.SkyCable has 700,000 subscribers, controlling 45% of the cable TV market.

FiberHome started the cooperation with SkyCable in 2014. Most of FiberHome ODN products have already secured the approval of SkyCable. Recently, FiberHome got the construction assignments form SkyCable. The scope of work is the end-to-end construction of ODN network for the buildings, known as FTTB. This project will start implementation in next year.

FiberHome now put more energy into overseas markets, which has already become the most important growth point of FiberHome ODN Business Unit. This strategy means that FiberHome will keep exploring and researching more and more new technologies to adapt to customers’ requirement in the ODN field, improve market development and have a sustainable growth globally.

Zhu Runze is with FiberHome Technology’s ODN Business Unit

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