FiberHome enables fast, simple and economical Ethernet deployment

11 Jun 2012

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With the development of Ethernet technology, the Carrier Ethernet is getting more and more popular. FiberHome Networks provides carrier and enterprise customers with a variety of Ethernet solutions that can meet the multi-service requirements from the different application scenario. FiberHome Networks is always keeping pace with the Ethernet trend and works out the competitive solutions for the Ethernet service deployment. The following figure is a typical case.

There are some highlight characteristics with the solution. Firstly, the service interface can support NNI and UNI type; FiberHome Networks solution is also capable of the triple-play service with voice, video and data traffic. The bandwidth granularity is from 64kbps to 10Gbps. All of these make the solution scalable, which the service business can be extended across the access, metro and nation, even to make the global interconnection.

FiberHome Networks solution can provide the standardized Ethernet services with low latency, predictable QoS, bandwidth granularity adjustable, reliable, manageable and low-cost. It can implement the E-Line, the E-LAN and E-Tree Ethernet services, EPL / EVPL service as well. CEA300 series is deployed as the SLA assurance of service between the provider and customer network, which works as the hand-off point of service at the UNI. FHN will also support the SyncE and IEEE 1588V2 in the future. It ensures that the solution can also support the mobile backhaul demarcation except for the standardized Ethernet service.

The high reliability of solution can assure the service security. Automatically monitoring of network failures and then retrieving makes the service reliable and available. Generally, a variety of protection techniques are applied on the different units, such as backup, redundant control plane, switching fabric, and power supply redundancy. In regard to the service protection, the customers can enable the ring protection protocol G.8032 and ESR (Ethernet Switching Ring, independent intellectual property rights), spanning tree (STP) as well. In addition, you can also enable LAG and R-Link (dual homing) for that. Less than 50ms switching can perfectly meet the requirements of the customer carrier-class service.

The configuration and features for QoS are flexible. As a part of the service level specification (SLS), the bandwidth profile with the UNI enhances the service configuration and management. For example, the bandwidth profile per EVC or COS can provision the CIR/CBS/EIR/EBS complied by SLA. QoS can be provisioned per subscriber as well as per service, which can support the rate limitation, traffic shaping and traffic prioritization.

FiberHome Networks’ products implement Ethernet OAM including 802.1ag, 802.3ah, Y.1731. Link-Level OAM (IEEE 802.3ah) can perform the link monitoring, fault signaling and remote loopback. Service-Level OAM (802.1ag/ Y.1731) is capable of path discovery, fault detection, fault Verification. The loss and delay measurement guarantees SLA. Supporting Ethernet OAM improves the rapid deployment and centralized management.

Besides layer 2 Ethernet functionality, IP and MPLS service can be provided on the aggregation and metro switch with IPV4 and IPV6 compatible, such as static routing, RIP/RIPng, OSPF/OSPFv3, ISIS/ISIS V6, BGP/BGP4 +, PIM-SM/DM, IPV6 PIM, BFD, MLDv2, DHCP, VRRP, etc. The key technology for the wireless backhaul, SyncE and PTPV2, can be supported. The upcoming 40G/100G Ethernet solution have been considered on S4600 series. These help to upgrade to the next generation network seamlessly.

FiberHome solution can support many new deployments and service requirements with MPLS. You can build VPN service for your customers with MPLS and BGP. The following are highlight features: MPLS LDP, MPLS OAM, LSP 1 + 1 protection, MPLS L2 VPN (VLL/VPLS), MPLS L3 VPN, etc.

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