FiberHome spreads out into the overseas market

Liu Meng
10 Dec 2014

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Broadband utilization in Malaysia, where the population’s median age is 26 years, has increase rapidly in recent years such that operators need to quickly catch up with demand.

In particular, TM (Telecom Malaysia) faced a number of challenges in the progress of broadband development. In September 2008, the Malaysia government and TM signed the HSBB (High Speed Broadband) project contract with the total amount equivalent to about $3.8 billion.

The target is to deploy 1.3 million lines for the FTTH and VDSL network, which covers 2 million families and offices in specific Malaysian cities.

Back then, TM was commissioned to release the tender of HSBB project aimed to develop the infrastructure and service of the next-generation national broadband network, with the “mini-rollout” as a trial.

FiberHome won the bidding to deploy the FTTH network for HSBB Mini-rollout project, the first such project in Southeast Asia. With its experience on ODN network implementation in China, FiberHome tailor-made FTTH solutions and construction modes according to Malaysian network development and business characteristics.

After overcoming various difficulties, FiberHome helped TM complete 60,000 lines of FTTH network deployment. In the HSBB mini-rollout, TM racked up on experience and set up FTTH network deployment modes and construction standards which are adaptable to itself. Then, TM boosted HSBB project.

As the passive infrastructure network of FTTH, ODN has the advantage of less mainte-nance work load compare to active equipment, but the disadvantage is hard implementa-tion.

After the HSBB Phase I project, TM continued to take great efforts to develop FTTH net-work. However, after entering the period of large-scale construction, some problems emerged.

One is that ODN products have a complex application scenario and cannot be standard-ized and unified. Facing the expansion of FTTH network deployment, the original solution can’t meet the requirement of all regions any more. Different application sceneries need different products.

Second was that implementation was greatly difficult while there are no unified acceptance standards. With FTTH spreading and developing, the implementation teams of ODN increased rapidly but the training was insufficient, and the quality of team members quite differed.

And third, the cost of product increased and made the cost-performance imbalanced.

In the initial phase of FTTH network deployment, TM’s product requirements were very strict, especially for some special application scenarios. Massive customization was re-quired, which increased cost and made large-scale network deployment impractical.

After a detailed investigation and deep study for TM’s application scenarios and end user’s habits, FiberHome designed a new series of ODN products for TM that was easy to implement and manage in the Malaysian environment.

For the hard implementation problem, FiberHome carried out three-phase trainings for TM’s headquarters, regions and sites. It has assisted TM to unify network deployment standards and improve engineers’ techniques.

During field use, the whole series of FiberHome ODN products adapted to various application scenarios, providing stable optical fiber connection, and realized low attenuation infrastructure network and fast implementation.

As one of the most representative Chinese enterprises that are expanding into overseas markets, FiberHome has achieved great breakthroughs in recent years and has set up partnership with many global operators.

In Malaysia, besides of TM HSBB project, FiberHome established the Kuala Lumpur Joint Laboratory with TM Group in November 2012.

In the Philippines, PLDT has given its biggest share of ODN contract to FiberHome.

In the Middle East, South America, Africa and Europe, FiberHome is serving more and more operators in the ODN field.

After 15 years’ effort, the whole series of FiberHome ODN products have been deployed in many countries successfully.

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