FiberHome's road to digital transformation

Jun Wu//FiberHome
25 Aug 2017

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1. Digital transformation is underway

The emergence of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, IoT and mobilization expedites the reconstruction of global labor division and competition landscape. Digitalization has penetrated into everything and change the production and life style of people. To be competitive, the adaptive digital transformation by adopting new ICT technologies in product service, business modes, cultural philosophy, organization architecture and IT process become the inevitable choices of government, enterprises and even every organization.

In the national 13th “Five Year” plan, four development targets are proposed: Service and smart manufacturing shall lead the economy growth, innovation and entrepreneurship becomes normal, protecting environment benefit people’s living and supporting sustainable development, enhancing the global position and influences of China via globalization. Six development measures are stated as road and belt initiative, China manufacturing 2025, Smart city, Internet plus, big data, safe and controllable. Those targets and measures laid foundation and provide business opportunities for digital transformation (ICT transformation).

The evolving ICT technologies such as service oriented cloud computing, big data, socialization, mobile Internet platform, next generation safety, AR/VR, IoT, recognition system, robotics, 3D printing act as technical support for digital transformation.

Telcos have started digital transformation including network transformation, business transformation, OAM transformation and management transformation. Taking network transformation as an example: The fix network and mobile network are converging. Except for the last mile of access part, the core network, operation support system OSS/BSS and data base will be unified. At access layer and metro layer, the convergence is also forming. From the structure of information network, the traditional network is evolving toward software defined network or software defined infrastructure (NGI), i.e, software defined network/computing/storage. The next generation information network will be composed of network generation infrastructure (NGI) and next generation APP (NGA) which run on the NGI via various smart terminals.

Digital transformation is facing great challenges and even greater opportunities.

2. Digital Transformation Strategies-SMART

Facing the digital transformation trends, the ICT expert FiberHome proposed SMART strategies:

With customer centric philosophy, driven by the dual wheels of fiber optic communication and ICT convergence transformation, FiberHome provides customers with Smart networks and Smart ICT2.0 plus total solutions so that to facilitate digital transformations and evolution to Smart society.

SMART is the acronym of Synergetic Ecosystem, Matching Organization, Agile Operation, Revolutionary Application, Tailor-made Service. SMART stands for:

S- Synergetic Ecosystem:Sharing values with customers, suppliers, partners and employees in the new ICT ecosystem.

M- Matching Organization:Realizing scientific real time decisions and responding precisely and quickly to the external environment via building up a flexible organization of integration of informatization and industrialization.

A- Agile Operation:Enabling agile and flexible operation fueled by data via translating big data into important production power and assets.

R- Revolutionary Application: Developing next generation API based on NGI to provide customers with innovative applications needed by digital transformation.

T- Tailor-made Service:Insisting on the customer centric direction and providing the customized services which meet the customer requirements through digging up the relevance of scaled data.

The SMART digital transformation strategy proposed by FiberHome is the action guide of FiberHome as well as the proposal to the ICT industry and enterprises.

3. FiberHome’s Digital Transformation Practices

Based on the FiberHome digital transformation SMART strategies, FiberHome provides Smart ICT2.0 plus solutions supporting cloud and network integraption, unified hardware and software, healthy ecosystem, to help enterprises to realize digital transformation.

The role positioning of Fiberhome in digital transformation: business covers the whole life cycle of ICT project including consultant, design, implementation, operation and continuous optimization. FiberHome is provider of smart network and smart platform, integrator of smart application, leader of smart city standards, advocator and pilot of healthy ecosystem.

FiberHome ICT businesses focus on FitCloud platform class solutions (FitOS cloud operation system, FitNet software defined network, FitDC cloud data center, FitPC/Server desktop/server solutions, FitDATA big data solutions) and three categories of applications of good governance, promoting business and benefiting people (smart administration, safe and trustable, smart transportation, smart education, smart park, smart medication, intelligent manufacturing, innovation and entrepreneurship etc.).

FiberHome ecosystem construction: product ecosystem, cooperation ecosystem, business ecosystem constitute the open, scalable, profitable and sustainable healthy cloud ecosystem of FiberHome. FiberHome Smart ICT2.0 plus products family is based on the open source technologies of OpenStack, Container, DevOps so that to realize open, scalable and compatible platform. For example, FitOS cloud operation system realize the unified management of IT and CT; The FitDP container delivery platform which adopts the Container technology could integrate and consolidate the third party smart applications quickly; FitDATA data platform could provide the deep analysis, digging up and display of big data. FiberHome keeps the dual tracks of “to integrate” and “to be integrated “and collaborates with ISV in vertical industry solutions in addition to the horizontal cooperation with professional vendors; Synergistic services also bring profits to partners; FiberHome actively participate in the open source community, industry associations to contribute to the industries.

FiberHome Smart ICT2.0 plus products and solutions have showcased in the market: Hubei Chutian Cloud, National Photonics Cloud, Chuanghui Cloud, Hubei Education Cloud, Zhonghangxing Enterprise Cloud…, Among which, the Chutian Cloud is the first provincial level governance and administration cloud based opn OpenStack technology in central China region. It is the data sharing platform of e-governance and data industry. It is the unified information infrastructure service platform and information sharing hub which cut through the four levels namely national, provincial, metropolitan and town. Nearly 500 applications of tens of the departments of Hubei province are now running on the Chutian Cloud and consequently to save the costs and improve the administration efficiency which provides strong support for the leading Smart Hubei program which aims at “building a fulcrum and going ahead”.

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