Fluke Networks' MetroScope gets VoIP feature

04 Dec 2008

Fluke Networks said its MetroScope carrier Ethernet analyzer, which now has VoIP phone functionalities, make VoIP troubleshooting faster and more efficient because it offers service providers the ability to get real-time results from actual VoIP calls made over a carrier Ethernet line.

Fluke Networks said the internal VoIP phone provides more thorough testing and troubleshooting by allowing service providers to make actual calls over the carrier Ethernet line to other VoIP phones, the call managers or even other MetroScope analyzers.

By measuring the quality of the call on MOS, R-Factor scales or both, technicians get increased visibility into the carrier Ethernet line's performance with the ability to instantly see quantifiable diagnostics on the portable MetroScope analyzer.

"We have designed the new VoIP functionality of the MetroScope analyzer to provide faster, more accurate testing and easier to understand results of those VoIP calls," said Mark Mullins, carrier Ethernet marketing manager at Fluke Networks.

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