The front terminal battery: reconciling volume and capacity

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07 Jul 2013

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Data centers and telecommunications infrastructure require hours’ to days’ worth of backup power to ensure the reliability of global information networks.

The traditional communication power system has been comprised mainly of AC distribution, DC distribution, rectifier unit, monitoring unit, batteries, etc. Most of these parts are placed in the same cabinet except for the batteries which are installed in a separate rack.

With the continuous development of the telecom industry, various constraints are affecting telecom power’s structure and composition –with footprint being the main obstacle.

The customers require the system (including battery) to occupy a smaller space, mainly because the total operation cost goes higher with the higher room rent fee. But power equipment usually requires a relatively large space and reducing the volume while increasing system capacity is often contradictory.

Customers want the system to be highly integrated especially for those smaller than 200A, meaning that everything needs to be in one cabinet. With most of the space occupied by the 12V multi-cell batteries, configurations generally require one to four packs of 48V battery, with each pack including four 12V batteries with a capacity of less than 150AH.

Such a system is commonly referred to as an “integrated power supply.” The distribution is also relatively simple it only involves some necessary connections.

China's domestic market demand for such a small integrated power supply is not very brisk. But while only a few users require it, the demand may increase ​​in the future.

The international telecom industry seems more interested in integrated power supply, particularly Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries as well as Turkey and other European countries and also Nigeria, South Africa and other African countries. International demand is expected to be greater in the next few years.

Normally three to four packs of 48V battery are built in the integrated power system. Capacity is 100 or 150AH and the shape of the monoblock battery is referred to as “front terminal” or “front access.” This is a compact solution that is suitable to be placed in a 19-inch telecom rack.

The general requirements for telecom power equipment are reliability, stability, compactness, and high efficiency. A backup battery is a very important part of telecom power equipment. Since 1993, Wuhan Intepower Co., Ltd. has been in the market of VRLA battery for telecom use. As a high-tech enterprise, Intepower is now controlled by FiberHome Technologies Group, which is entering into new energy resources application field.

Intepower, having adopted the trend of front terminal battery, has developed a full range of 12V front terminal battery at capacities of 50Ah, 80Ah, 100Ah, 150Ah and 180Ah. Intepower’s products include VRLA battery, gel battery, and Li-SOCL2 battery. These products have been widely applied to such fields as communication, standby power system for computers, solar energy photovoltaic storage systems, dynamic system for vehicles, smart grid instrument and intelligent meters.

The front terminal battery

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