FTTH for this century

05 Dec 2016

As pressure and expectations from both business and residential customers has increased, technology has to evolve. In recent years, standards and technologies have opened a wider portion of the fiber transmission spectrum to assure that expensively deployed networks are built to last, even when new transmission equipment or systems are added to the line.

Factors that contribute to reliability and longevity, such as the need for reliable connections and good fiber/cable management systems throughout the network, are necessary.

To survive and grow, operators need to build networks with an eye to future requirements – change will happen, that is certain. What form the change will take is less clear, but future use of wavelengths up to 1625 nm is a certainty.

Lessons from the past – training crews to handle fiber properly, using solutions supporting correct cable management, using connectors with the right performance specification – provide both short- and long-term benefits to operators and customers alike.

Download this white paper to learn more about how to build future-proof networks.

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