Google TV to launch worldwide in 2011

Dylan Bushell-Embling & Michael Carroll
08 Sep 2010
Google plans to launch its Google TV platform in the US this season and worldwide next year, and is rumored to be in talks over a music download service to rival iTunes.
In a keynote speech at the IFA technology trade fair, CEO Eric Schmidt said Google is working with content providers to populate the Google TV service with video and other entertainment content.
Users will also be able to access online content - the service will project a search bar on the top of television screens that can be used to search the web and live TV listings, said.
The company plans to incorporate support for Flash, Android apps that don't use phone features, and speech-recognition control.
Under the plan first announced in May, Google TV will be incorporated into Sony televisions, or can be added to existing televisions through the Buddy Box set-top box.
Samsung yesterday revealed it was considering using Google's Android OS to build web-TV devices, but is also working on an OS that can be used for both phones and TVs.


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