Green Dam close to collapse as funding dries up

Nicole McCormick
14 Jul 2010
Daily News

Green Dam, China’s state-backed filtering software, is on the verge of collapse because of a lack of funding.

The government has stopped funding the distribution and maintenance of the software, the government-owned China Daily reported, quoting theBeijing Times newspaper.

Green Dam’s second office in Zhengzhou is also on the verge of collapse and needs more government funding, it said.

Beijing News reported this morning that Dazheng Human Language Beijing office was empty, with a cleaner telling reporters that staff had “suddenly” moved out a week ago.

Company officials did not respond to requests for comment.

Dazheng general manager Chen Xiaomeng reportedly said the company's operations in Beijing closed late last month.

“We lack financial support. We already struggled to hold on for a year, but we can't do so any longer,” Information Week reported.

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