Hardcore gamers shun mobile games

Michael Carroll
08 Jun 2012

Portable games device sales are tipped to hold their own against smartphones and tablets, despite the rise of mobile gaming.

ABI Research forecasts sales of Sony and Nintendo handheld gaming devices will hit 38 million in 2013, noting the figure is well down a peak of 47 million units in 2008. However, the firm also predicts sales will remain relatively flat through 2017, meaning the devices will hold their own against gaming on smartphones and tablets.

“Mobile devices will compete with dedicated handheld gaming devices, but select consumer segments like core gamers and those individuals who do not want or have a smartphone or tablet will still provide some demand,” explains senior analyst Michael Inouye.

Attracting major games developers and key titles will be a key element in the success of dedicated games device makers, Inouye predicts, because relying on hardware updates alone “is not going to cut it given the shorter upgrade cycles for mobile devices.”

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