HGC launches bizCloud 2.0 with self-management portal

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Hutchison Global Communications announced the launch of the premium bizCloud 2.0 cloud service.

According to the company, the new service enables corporations of all sizes to log into a self-management portal, where they can subscribe to, and manage cloud resources any time from anywhere. The result is a telco-grade cloud service with an emphasis on safety and reliability.

The company also unveiled a new online portal that is said to enable easy management of cloud resources.

The number of start-ups being established in Hong Kong has been on the rise in recent years and soared by nearly 50% in 2015 compared with 2014. In order to serve this trend, HGC has upgraded its bizCloud offering – launched in 2013 – to a premium bizCloud 2.0 version. By subscribing, corporations gain flexible access to computing, storage and network resources, allowing them to respond dynamically to ever-changing market conditions

The bizCloud 2.0 cloud solution features an easy-to-use self-management portal via which customers are able to review utilisation of resources and real-time performance of virtual machines (VMs), as well as check capability analyses and various reports. The system also enables administrators to check records of logins, logouts and VM operations at any time.

bizCloud 2.0 customers can subscribe to a variety of cloud resources in order to establish virtual private clouds, which can be connected via the Internet or virtual private networks. Such organisations also have the flexibility to reconfigure their networks to accommodate different applications and security policies.

HTHKH CTO Jennifer Tan commented that the “security of HGC’s cloud solutions has gained wide recognition from corporate customers. As a leading fixed-line operator, we strive to provide enterprises with diverse and quality service portfolios.”

“Tailored for enterprise customers, bizCloud 2.0 – which comes complete with telco-grade security – well demonstrates its unparalleled flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We believe


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