HID Global, Sony announce team up on NFC solutions

Staff writer
18 Nov 2011

HID Global and Sony announced a jointly developed contactless smart card reader platform that embeds secure access control capabilities and NFC functionality into laptops and other mobile devices.

The platform holds a secure element that stores cryptographic keys which secure the authenticity and integrity of user credentials. It supports widely used contactless technologies for applications ranging from physical access control and identity assurance at the desktop to transit-fare, point-of-sale collection and loyalty programs.

The jointly developed NFC global reader platform is the result of a strategic partnership that Sony and HID Global announced last year. Both companies will be demonstrating the platform this week in a conference in Paris, where it will be shown reading a variety of card technologies using NFC, a short-range wireless technology that is now fueling a wide range of new mobile access control applications.

In continuing to work closely with the NFC Forum in support of market-driven compliance and interoperability goals, the reader platform has been provided to the NFC Forum Certification Program as a reference sample to assist in the validation of the Digital Protocol test tools. The reader platform will also be submitted for certification.

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