HK cellcos pledge 99.99% web uptime

Dylan Bushell-Embling
07 Sep 2010

Hong Kong's four mobile operators have promised 99.99% uptime in their mobile broadband networks.

In performance pledges given to regulator Ofta, they are also aiming to acknowledge 90% of customer complaints within one working day.

The commitments, which do not constitute guarantees, were made as part of an initiative to improve service levels and transparency. Operators had agreed to make the pledges in March.

Service restoration time targets range from 95% within 10 minutes from SmarTone-Vodafone to an overall target of within 60 minutes from CSL's one2free.

The biggest two operators, 3 and CSL, to resolve 90% of customer complaints within five working days, while SmarTone-Vodafone and PCCW’s Netvigator are aiming for 90% resolution within four days.

Three has also pledged a population coverage of 99%, and a maximum download speed range of between 2Mbps and 15.5Mbps. The other operators have not given a population coverage target.

These targets will be weighed against actual performance – the operators are required to publish performance statistics within one month after the end of each quarter, with the first batch due before January 2011.

Fixed-line operators have been required to publish broadband performance targets and statistics since April 2008. Each operator has either met or exceeded these targets for the past eight quarters.


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