HK ranked third worldwide for broadband speeds

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Hong Kong has been ranked third worldwide for broadband download speeds, with HKBN named the market's fastest provider, according to Speedtest results from Ookla.

Between the fourth quarter of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017, Hong Kong achieved an average download speed of 142.65Mbps. This speed represents the experience of a typical consumer in the market.

The fastest broadband speeds were recorded by subscribers to HKBN at 544.18Mbps, followed by Netvigator at 470.43Mbps, 3 Hong Kong at 290.17Mbps and i-Cable Communications at 141.5Mbps.

Top upload speeds were meanwhile recorded at 544.07Mbps for HKBN, 460.63Mbps for Netvigator, 201.15Mbps for 3 Hong Kong and 27.89Mbps for i-Cable.

To determine this metric, Speedtest compares the top 10% of each ISP's speed results to provide an accurate view of their top-end performance.

“We are proud to know that our outstanding network performance has been duly recognized by independent global leader Speedtest. Our top-notch fiber network, advanced facilities and round-the-clock network operation management ensures that our customers enjoy the best internet experience in this data hungry era,” HKBN CTO Gary McLaren said.

“Currently, with about one-third of all households in Hong Kong connected to HKBN broadband, we look forward to bringing more top-value services to more people across Hong Kong."

First published in Computerworld Hong Kong

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