HK to sell more 3G, 4G spectrum

HK to sell more 3G, 4G spectrum

Robert Clark  |   December 13, 2010
Hong Kong regulator Ofta will auction more 3G and 4G spectrum in February.
It has put 30 MHz on the sale block, with a minimum price of HK$30 million ($3.9k) for paired 850 and 900MHz bands and a HK$15 million minimum for 2GHz bands.
Ofta said in a statement that the extra spectrum would help meet “booming” mobile data demand. 
The number of mobile data users in the city doubled from 2.9 million in December 2007 to 5.8 million in July 2010, with mobile data usage up 38 times to 1.2TB.
The winning bidders will be granted 15-year licenses and will be required to provide coverage to at least 50% of the population within five years.
One of the 850-900Mhz frequency bands is to be shared with railway operators for the communications and control of the planned high-speed rail to Guangzhou.
Ofta issued an information paper on the auction, which will be held after Chinese New Year.
It will accept applications from bidders on January 31 and February 1.
Robert Clark

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