HK travelers remain glued to their smartphones

Computerworld Hong Kong staff
05 Jul 2016

An overwhelming 95% of Hong Kong travelers use social media during their trip, with many spending hours per day glued to their devices, a survey from indicates.

The survey suggests that while on vacation Hong Kong smartphone owners are likely to spend 59% more time on their devices than on a sunbed.

More than one in ten (11%) even spend more than five hours a day with their smartphones in their hands.

Social media tops the list of app categories used by traveling, followed by mapping, travel, public transport and messaging.

Around 42% of Hong Kong respondents to the survey admit to uploading photos over social media just to make friends jealous.

Another motivation for the heavy social media use involves a fear of missing out, with nearly half (46%) saying they comment on friends' posts just so they don't miss out on anything while they are away.

Desire to stay connected also informs travelers' choice of accommodation, with 40% of respondents indicating they will only select a hotel if it offers free Wi-Fi.

“Our study shows that some travellers, especially millennials, spend more time looking at their screens than enjoying the sun or the sights,” regional MD for greater China, emerging SEA and India commented.

“However, most Hong Kong travellers are actually using their device to search for local sights or attractions, food only comes second and information on public transit is third.

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