HKBNES launches free public Wi-Fi at tram shelters

05 Oct 2018
Daily News

HKBN Enterprise Solutions (HKBNES) has formally launched a free high-speed public Wi-Fi network on tram shelters across Hong Kong in association with Hong Kong Tramways and Cody Out of Home (Cody OOH).

The HEREWIFIFREE service provides public free Wi-Fi with unlimited sessions on nine key tram shelters located along the busiest commercial and residential centers on Hong Kong Island.

HKBN launched a pilot of the new service in May, and usage levels have grown 40% by the end of August. The unlimited usage session enhancement meanwhile launched in June.

“We are happy to support this high-speed free Wi-Fi service to bring Hong Kongers speedy and convenient online connectivity,” HKBN director Mikron Ng said.

“Our partnership with Tramways and Cody OOH is another example of how we showcase our win-win-win model in which Tramway passengers, Cody OOH customers and our corporate customers can all benefit.”

“Hong Kong Tramways is pleased to collaborate with HKBNES and Cody OOH in order to offer innovative services,” added Hong Kong Tramways commercial and corporate affairs manager Antoine Sambin.

“The high quality and the user-friendly experience of the free Wi-Fi solution are valued by the tram passengers, pedestrians and retail communities in the near vicinity. We aim to keep contributing to a smarter city thanks to our Tram Shelters network.”

First published in Computerworld Hong Kong

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