Hong Kong to make 5-GHz available for LAA

06 Jun 2018
Daily News

Hong Kong's Communications Authority (CA) has agreed to make available 580 MHz of 5-GHz spectrum for the provision of public mobile services.

With the decision, Hong Kong will become one of the first economies in the world to adopt licensed assisted access (LAA) and other advanced mobile technologies in the 5-GHz band.

Currently 5-GHz frequency is being utilized for the provision of public Wi-Fi services. The regulator plans to extend use of the band to LAA mobile service in order to more than double the existing total 552 MHz of spectrum already assigned to mobile operators in the sub-3GHz bands.

“With immediate effect, MNOs may apply to the CA for the use of the concerned band on a shared basis to provide public mobile services through necessary amendments to their unified carrier licenses,” A CA spokesperson said in a statement.

“The CA has been actively exploring ways to make available additional spectrum for the provision of public mobile services. The CA will continue to closely monitor the market and technology developments and will make available other suitable spectrum in a timely manner to further enhance the development of the mobile industry in Hong Kong for the benefits of our mobile users.”

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