HP develops POS solution for retailers

Retail Tech Innovation editors
16 Oct 2017

HP has developed a point of sales solution aiming to reimagine how technology can transform the in-store experience for customers.

HP ElitePOS supports several use cases including interactive signage, employee attendance, and self-service applications like a customer check-in and access to additional product offerings in the “endless aisle”.

For retailers who want a clean and clutter-free counter space, or who need greater versatility in the placement of their point-of-sale terminal, the display can be separated from the input/output (I/O) base for maximum placement versatility.

With point-of-sale devices increasingly targeted by hackers, security continues to be top of mind for the retail industry. According to Verizon’s 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 64% of breaches in the retail industry that contained data loss were caused by point-of-sale intrusions.

“As the retail and hospitality industries undergo a revolutionary shift, the point-of-service device will be a critical hub in delivering the in-store experience for customers,” IDC VP of retail insights Leslie Hand said.

“But with this rapid transformation in digital business also comes increased threats, in the form of targeted attacks and malware. Retail POS systems, including the new HP ElitePOS, must be able to balance the growing needs of the customer and the brand while also acting as a guardian of the sensitive information that passes through the device on a daily basis.”

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