HSPA Towards LTE Asia

09 Oct 2007

A market-driven agenda packed with operator case studies, HSPA towards LTE Asia event will address the hottest topics and issues on :

- Examining the current status of HSPA deployment and forecasting demand for current and future high speed data services

- Identifying successful business models, costs, timescales and key players in the HSPA arena

- Reviewing the effectiveness of deployment strategies currently being employed by mobile operators

- Developing and Marketing mobile broadband services that exploit high data rates of HSPA

- Learning from the commercial experiences of planning and launching an HSxPA network

- Evaluating the HSDPA-enabled devices launched in the market

- Understanding the status of LTE standardization and assessing the timescales for mass market.

- Comparing LTE and its capabilities to HSPA, WiMAX and other access technologies with discussion on where are the business opportunities and market developments

- Defining the business case for LTE and evaluate its importance for operators

- Determining the migration strategies to LTE to ensure a seamless service delivery

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