Huawei demos live 4K broadcasting at record distance

Staff writer
Daily News

At the Mobile World Congress 2016, Huawei demonstrated live 4K broadcasting over a record distance in the industry and also unveiled the 4K Video Network solution to build a network with a User, Unified, Ubiquitous-Mean Opinion Score for Video (U-vMOS) of as high as 4. A network with a U-vMOS score of 4 or higher will bring differentiated business competitive strength for carriers.

Huawei demonstrated live 4K broadcasting with a bit rate of 40 Mbps over 1,600 kilometers, spanning Germany, France, and Spain. This is a live transnational 4K broadcasting over the longest distance so far.

Huawei introduces high throughput routers (HTRs) to the bearer network, greatly increasing network throughput and accordingly improving 4K video experience.

"The era of best-experience 4K is driven by multiple elements — a best-experience 4K network features ultra broadband (100 Mbps bandwidth per user), zero wait (RTT less than 20 ms), and high perception (packet loss rate of 10-6),” said Peng Wei, president of fixed network marketing and solution sales department. “These features allow the best-experience 4K network to have a U-vMOS score of as high as 4."

Ultra broadband, with continuous innovation on access technologies and in support of up to 1 Gbps access bandwidth for each user, paves the way for best-experience 4K. Zero wait drives network reconstruction to optimize the architecture, improve efficiency, and accelerate 4K videos with an RTT of less than 20 ms.

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