Huawei pushing its supply chain to go green

Dylan Bushell-Embling
15 Jul 2014
Daily News

Huawei has announced plans to eventually make environmental performance a prerequisite for future commercial relationships with its suppliers.

The company has detailed a new green initiative aimed at ensuring that its end-to-end operations are environmentally sustainable.

The company is involved in a pilot program with 24 suppliers, and plans to add more gradually until its entire supply chain is covered. At this time, the new sustainability prerequisite will be introduced.

“For Huawei, it is not enough to be commercially successful. We strongly feel that we must... be committed to minimizing our own carbon footprint as well as that of our customers and supply chain partners,” Huawei corporate sustainable development committee chairman Alex Deng said.

Huawei announced the initiative to coincide with the launch of its 2013 Sustainability Report, which asserts that the vendor reduced its energy consumption by 42 million kilowatt-hours in 2013, avoiding 38,000 tons of carbon emissions.

Due to new energy efficiency technologies, Huawei's network equipment also consumed 10-40% less power in 2013 compared to 2012, the report adds. The company invested around $5 billion in green R&D during the year.

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