Huawei showcases «C-E-O» challenges to UBB 2020

Telecom Asia special projects team
22 Jun 2016

The world’s leading telecoms operators are re-inventing the fixed broadband industry. In partnership with content creators, consumer electronics manufacturers and internet service providers, operators are exploring new frontiers for the 21st century, with the common goal of creating a more intelligent and convenient lifestyle and workplace.

Looking at the global UBB market, there are three dividends operators will realize. For developing markets, the population dividend still exists, and the key challenge for operators for whom broadband is the basic business is how to reduce the deployment cost of fiber-to-the-home networks. For developed markets, most operators will benefit from the video dividend, and Huawei thinks the user video experience is the key to business success. For super-developed markets, operators are now embracing the cloud dividend; for them, the most important thing is how to establish an on-demand network architecture.

So globally, says Huawei, the UBB 2020 vision is a story of “Cost-Experience-On demand” (or “C-E-O”).

This new idea of UBB 2020 was the agenda at the recent Ultra-Broadband Singapore (UBBS) Summit held in Singapore on May 30.

With Huawei co-hosting the event with the Broadband Commission, the summit was a platform for discussions between policy makers, futurists, business leaders, video content and servicer partners and technology partners spanning a variety of industries.

The summit brought together 300 delegates, representing regional top operators, governments and broadband industry stakeholders to exchange ideas on innovation, best practice and models for sustainable growth.

After a welcome from ZhouJianjun, President of Southern Pacific Region Carrier Business for Huawei, the summit comprised three sessions: Broadband Policy and Industry Collaboration, Video Service and the User Experience, and a final session on Smart Living and the 2020 Network.

The objectives of the summit were three-fold:

  • To accelerate the synergy of collaboration through the UBB ecosystem, to enhance the service experience and build a better connected world
  • To promote the development of UBB and National Broadband policy and industry collaboration
  • To establish a best-experience video-centric network in Asia-Pacific, surrounded by the development of UBB to attract operators, content providers and other participants in the industry to create a win-win video industry ecosystem.

Across keynote addresses and panel discussions, industry leaders from operators and stakeholder groups addressed issues in the three session subject areas.

Speakers spanned government, such as Indonesia’s vice minister for ICT Woro Indah Widiastuty, the research community (Ovum’s Practice Leader TV and Project Lead Edward Barton), regulators, testing partners and content suppliers (Greyjuicelab’s Chairil Anwar).

Huawei provided five subject experts, from UBB development to fixed network and smart home solutions.

The summit was also the venue for a world-first announcement. Analyst group Ovum chose the summit as the right forum to launch the Asia Pacific Video Experience Index, a new initiative to create benchmarks and differentiate operators in providing a video experience-driven network for the Asia Pacific market.

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