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Cloud Transformation
Be your Partner in your Cloud Transformation Journey
How do we manage multiple clouds more efficiently? As a Premier Cloud technology provider, Huawei supports end-to-end Cloud product and services. Partner us for a seamless Cloud Transformation journey.

Smart Nation
Digital Transformation at Pacific Islands
The Pacific region faces many challenges including natural disasters, socio-economic status, health and education, as well as skill sets required to build a local ICT industry to ensure each island nation can participate and compete in the global digital economy. In the coming years, ICT will play a significant role in fulfilling the goals of the Pacific. Watch Barry’s video to understand more.

Why all governments need to build a National ICT Strategy and Plan?
Why must governments today more than ever need to build a National ICT strategy and plan? All governments around the world whether they are developed or developing nations are grappling today in similar issues. Watch Sue's video to understand how Huawei helps governments realize their goals

How do we realize the vision of a Better Connected Nation?
One of the greatest inventions in the last 25, 30 years is the Internet. One of the reasons why it's been so great is really democratize information. It allows people to get access to things that could improve their lives. Those that are fully integrated and connected, like a smart nation style of connectivity, are accelerating even faster than those who have simple connectivity.

Ultra-Broadband 2020
Thoughts of Leaders at The Indonesia FTTH Association (IFA) Summit 2016
Watch what leaders of the ICT industry have to say about Better Connected Nation at the inaugural IFA Summit Jakarta on 27 April 2016

Open Roads to UBB 2020
Huawei UBB 2020 strategy helps telecoms operators build a better connected world

Global Broadband Experience Scorecards
The Broadband Experience Scorecard project, designed and completed by Ovum, implemented a wide ranging and comprehensive program of research and analysis to develop deep insight into current fixed line broadband use by consumers in 30 countries.

Sichuan Telecom leads broadband charge
Thanks to the launch of 4K ultra HD network, with support from Huawei

"Best-experience" bearer network for 4K videos
The experience-driven network architecture aims to help telecoms operators deliver a good user experience for 4K video services

FTTH rolllout speeds matter as much as access speeds
Why FTTH rollouts need to happen faster, and why collaboration with municipal utility companies is key to speeding up rollouts.

Ultra-Broadband 2020: A journey to better connection
Ultra-Broadband 2020 puts us into the era where everybody will have gigabit broadband to their houses and businesses. Watch Nigel's video to learn about the 3 main drivers behind this phenomenon.

Ultra-Broadband 2020: Delivering an inspired experience
We need to move away from the technology and the access, then think about how we can deliver high-tech services and the big part of that is the back-end of telcos. Watch Nigel's video to understand more.

Digital Transformation to Operator
Facilitate Digital Foundation enriching Digital Business
Operators have valuable assets and also working with various partners but to turn their assets and partners assets into real goods to bring revenue from new untapped domains, they need to undergo a digital successful transformation.

A new generation of telco os is needed
The emergence of fixed and mobile broadband has reshaped how we live and what we produce. With ICT and the Internet driving the transformation of all sectors, businesses and organizations must be reformed digitally to adapt to changing consumption patterns and user experience in a new era; Telcos are no exception.

Big Data
FusionInsight-Universe Analytics Platform
FusionInsight-Universe Big Data Analytics Platform is a business-driven top-of-the-industry big data analytics system, composing of Customer Insight, Video Insight, RTD, Data Openness Framework sub-products.

Internet of Things
Boosting broadband penetration and Huawei and I-City announced a strategic alliance to implement smart city and the IoT next generation home concept
Huawei and I-City announced a Strategic Alliance to Implement Smart City and the IoT next generation Home concept

Infancy in IoT and ecosystem play
"To put together a business case, you need to know you've got a committed supplier and the product delivers the right value proposition at the right price. Huawei's commitment to innovation is remarkable and unparallel. We see that on the network level and now we are starting to see that in industry verticals like the smart cities, transportation, integrated vehicles, smart parking, Huawei is going to be key to unlocking those opportunities."

The Internet of Things (IoT) Takes Living to the Next Level
The IoT is a technology that's evolving at such a fast pace, that's evolving exponentially. And initially we don't notice it happening because the bottom of the exponential curve is quite flat but we are going into the hockey stick path, things like healthcare, education, energy and autonomous cars, all these things are driven by the IoT. And it's just going to be amazing what's coming in the next 5 to 10 years.

4.5G, Opening Giga Mobile World, Empowering Vertical Markets
Given the current explosive development of mobile broadband (MBB), we expect the number of MBB users around the world to reach 6.7 billion by 2020, while each user is expected to use as much as 5 GB of data per month. Meanwhile, there is already a need for wide scale development of an Internet of Things (IoT). By 2020, there will be some 31 billion IoT connections worldwide.

IoT: NarrowBand IoT Wide Range of Opportunities
The Internet of Things – IoT – has moved from fiction to reality. By 2020, there will be over 14 billion network-enabled devices, according to the International Energy Agency. This compares to approximately 3.2 billion people using the internet. IoT dramatically widens the internet's scope from people-operated computers towards autonomous smart devices.

IoT: Collaborating on Connections
The Internet of Things (IoT) is destined to change lives and revolutionize every industry. The integration of IoT into vertical industries is creating a new commercial landscape.

NB-IoT Commercialization to Build Connected World
Huawei launched its cellular IOT solution based on 4.5G NB-IoT technology at Mobile World Congress 2016. Demo services included several applications such as smart parking, smart water meter, smart trash bin and so on, which had been verified by global operators. Huawei also released world's 1st pre-standardized NB-IoT commercial chipset.

Spark and Huawei Switch on New Zealand's Fastest Mobile Site
Spark and network partner Huawei have enabled the first 4.5G mobile site in New Zealand at Spark's Hereford Street exchange in Christchurch. Reaching 1.15Gbps in a speed test today, it is the fastest mobile data speed in New Zealand, and three times faster than the highest recorded speed on the Spark network.

SAP partnering Huawei to deliver IoT solutions to the New Zealand market
IoT is essentially an ecosystem play, SAP and Huawei work together perfectly to provide a complete solution in the area of IoT. Watch Colm's video to find out more.

Video Everywhere
Enter into a new era of mobile video: the best experience mobile network
Huawei mobile video solution helps telecom operators build video-centric mobile broadband networks and create business success

Rebuild Value for Telecom Video: From a Value-added Service to a Fundamental Service
With the popularity of smart devices and fast growth of network bandwidth, an increasing number of people are using video to transfer information and communicate with each other. Video has become an essential part of people's lives.

The world of 4K
4K is becoming the resolution of premium content around the world, but its future is so much greater – redefinition of the video experience itself, from passive viewing to active involvement, where video is both an experience for fun and a tool for work. How can it achieve this?

Video, It's here to stay!
Don't be surprised, more than 80% of all internet traffics will be video by 2019! Video content is readily available everywhere on the Internet and so definitely, videos are going mainstream.

Service Providers are here to provide!
Service provider who is aspiring to meet the customers' demand for video applications, here are 3 technologies to help you provide the best video quality to users.

Video Everywhere: Embracing end user experience
U-vMOS video experience measurement system enables operators and video services providers to measure and evaluate the experience of various video services on different networks and screens

Cloud Transformation
Cloud Computing as Foundation Services for Smart City Deployment
As country going through Digital Transformation, there is a need for a common ICT platform that is highly reliable, highly secure, always connected and with resources meeting the dynamic nature of ICT resources demands in a Smart City. Cloud Computing is the foundation ICT platform to support the Smart City and Smart Nation development.

Be your Partner in your Cloud Transformation Journey
How do we manage multiple clouds more efficiently? As a Premier Cloud technology provider, Huawei supports end-to-end Cloud product and services. Partner us for a seamless Cloud Transformation journey.

2degrees Mobile embraces Huawei in Cloud Computing and the Big Data Space
Cloud comprises of a couple of things - Cloud Computing, Big Data and Collaboration. 2degrees Mobile embraced Huawei in Cloud Computing and the Big Data Space. Watch Mike Davies's video to find out more.

G-Cloud accelerating digital government transformation
The Government needs a Digital strategy to transform the Government, delivering government services that meet with the ever increasing service expectation from the citizens. Offering ease-of-use one-stop public services to the citizens and enterprises securely, anywhere, anytime and on any devices helps to enhance and enrich citizens' living standards and lifestyle.

Smart City
Life in the Safe City
The Safe City concept is not just about having cameras put on street corners that will feed back to the central station to allow for remote monitoring. It's more than that. It's about ensuring that citizens themsleves are safe from threats such as cyclones. Huawei's Barry Lerner explains why.

From Smart City to Smart Tourism
Huawei's Barry Lerner explains the Smart City developments that are enabling Smart Tourism.

Mobile Broadband 2020
Boosting broadband penetration and opening a new era for wireless broadband connections
Huawei WTTx debuts at ICT for Sporting Events Industry Summit in Indonesia

Huawei, Globe Telecom win Global Telecoms Business Innovation Awards for WTTx deployment
Globe deploys Huawei's WTTx solution to offer LTE wireless broadband services in the Philippines

SoftCOM - The Way to Reconstruct the Future Telecom Industry
SoftCOM, Huawei's strategy for network architecture for the coming decade, is a revolutionary vision that leverages cloud computing, SDN, NFV, and internet-based operations to streamline the networks of telecommunications operators and maximize information technology (IT) resources.