Huawei, Telefonica complete trials on SDN-based optical network

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17 Feb 2016
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Telefonica and Huawei have completed what the firms claim is the industry’s first migration of commercial user traffic over an SDN-based IP optical network IP+Optical trial network in Peru.

The success of the SDN-based network resulted in Telefonica’s SDN team issuing a certification to Huawei to celebrate the service migration and carrying, the companies further said.

This is the industry's first SDN IP+Optical trial network with real traffic.

Based on its SDN architecture, Huawei can help Telefonica improve operation efficiency and significantly reduce opex. At the same time, Telefonica verified the commercial ability of Huawei’s SDN solution in WAN/Backbone domain by this field trial.

An IP+optical transmission backbone, as the infrastructure of operator networks, plays an important role in service transmission and is complex in structure. Simplifying the IP+optical network architecture to improve efficiency is the focus of Telefonica strategy.

To achieve this goal, Telefonica selected Huawei’s SDN IP+Optical synergy solution for joint innovation and practice. Both parties conducted the prototype testing, FOA verification, and live network testing with actual traffic over the solution.

The process marks a milestone of SDN IP+Optical solution development from scratch to commercial deployment. Telefonica and Huawei will continue to promote the IP+Optical solution in large-scale commercial use.

Pedro Planas, CTO of Telefonica de Peru, said “SDN is the enabler to reconstruct network architecture in the future.”

“With SDN, we can quickly develop more innovative services to meet various customer requirements and improve our competitive position in Peru’s telecom market. The successful deployment of the SDN IP+Optical network demonstrates Huawei's strengths in SDN commercialization,” the executive said.

Huawei has gained more than 30 SDN commercial projects in scenarios including data center, WAN, government and enterprise private line, and MAN edge.

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