Huawei's long march to the US

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Huawei's long march to the US

Robert Clark  |   November 02, 2010
It won’t get easier for Chinese vendors battling to open up the US market.
With the US political season at its climax, three senators and a congresswoman have reportedly called on the FCC to impose restrictions on ZTE as well as Huawei.
While Huawei, whose CEO Ren Zhengfei is a former PLA officer, has long been a popular target in the US, the focus on state-owned ZTE is new.
The two Chinese vendors are on a shortlist of six for Sprint Nextel’s LTE network tender, due to be announced in the coming weeks.
Former vice-presidential candidate Senator Joe Lieberman and three others wrote to the FCC on October 19 warning that Chinese-branded equipment would be vulnerable to manipulation by the Chinese government.
It’s not a whole lot different to the Indian government’s concerns which, like those of the Americans, appears to be driven as much by politics as genuine network security fears.
Huawei, which has been trying for nearly a decade to get its US business off the ground, has hired high-powered Washington lobbyists to press its case. Doubtless it has pointed to the billions of dollars of business that Alcatel-Lucent has done in China in the past 20 years.

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