IBM unveils strategy to deliver cloud to mobile networks

Staff writer
26 Feb 2014
Daily News

IBM announced its continued support for the virtualization of network infrastructures via cloud delivery model.

This announcement is part of an ongoing campaign to help communications service providers (CSPs) take full advantage of the cloud using IBM Systems, the firm said.

With 80% of corporate data originating on IBM mainframes, the new IBM System z Solution for Mobile Computing can help clients to utilize the mainframe as the system of record to quickly extend enterprise applications that create new forms of client interaction and boost the bottom line.

The offering can provide a differentiated environment for enterprises that are looking to integrate enterprise applications with mobile on-the-go services.

The benefits that System z brings to telecommunications clients are illustrated by Algar Telecom, a telecommunications company headquartered in Uberlândia, Brazil.

With support from IBM Systems and Technology Group Lab Services, Algar consolidated more than 90 existing servers to one IBM zEnterprise server running virtualized Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers on IBM z/VM technology.

By consolidating to the IBM zEnterprise, Algar Telecom simplified its IT infrastructure, reduced data center floor space, and realized a 70 % savings in energy and cooling expenses.

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