IBM wins patent to combine cloud and 'big data'

Staff writer
03 Dec 2013
Product and services

IBM announced that its inventors have patented a technique for combining “big data” from distributed cloud services with data stored on local IT systems to gain new insights that can enable businesses to more efficiently and effectively market and serve their customers.

The cloud computing invention, for which IBM received (U.S. Patent #8,504,400: Dynamically Optimized Distributed Cloud Computing-based Business Process Management (BPM) System), provides a method for developing a new breed of enterprise applications that seamlessly combine locally-stored data from business process across an enterprise with cloud-basedBig Data.

This approach will make it easier to manage business operations and gain new insights by accessing, integrating andanalyzing data -- no matter where it is stored.

For example, a retailer can use IBM’s invention to tap in-house sales records to analyze customer shopping habits, while combining data from multiple cloud-based services such as online ratings and reviews.

This unified approach will enable companies to deliver personalize coupons, offers, promotions via marketing campaigns across a variety of sales channels all while being able to modify campaigns in real-time.

While a variety of core business data typically is stored on in-house IT systems, chief marketing officers, procurement and sales managers, and other business leaders are increasingly relying on cloud services to access dynamically changing information to better engage customers that are making purchases via mobile devices, social networks and other collaboration tools.


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