The iCEphone cometh

21 Jan 2009

The latest contender in the Asia-Pacific smartphone wars may well be the first smartphone designed to save lives.

Designed and manufactured by UK-based company The Medical Phone Ltd and due for commercial release in Q2 this year, the iCEphone (iCE = 'in case of emergency') runs on Windows Mobile and comes preloaded with a comprehensive medical software with six levels of expertise, from no medical training to hospital doctor. The software also creates electronic handover records that document symptoms and treatment in a standard format so they can be passed on between medical providers.

The HSPA phone, initially designed for the British military, can also be paired with a USB 'dog tag' pre-loaded with a person's medical record. Field medics can take the dog tag and slot it into the iCEphone's USB port for instant patient information.

Yours for $950.

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