«ICT Service Expert» debuts at CommunicAsia2017

FiberHome Services
25 May 2017

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FiberHome Technology Service Co., Ltd. (FiberHome Services) has exhibited at CommunicAsia this year with an array of latest ICT service and solutions, rebranding itself as an “ICT Service Expert”.

At CommunicAsia 2017, FiberHome Services discusses the transformation of the road to ICT service development with operator partners worldwide. FiberHome Services has become the focus of this exhibition, with VIP guests from PLDT, Globe Telecom, Oman Telecom, and Indonesia Private Network visiting the booth.

A glance of FiberHome Services at CommunicAsia2017

The panorama of ICT services solutions exhibited at CommunicAsia2017 includes new ICT solutions such as cloud services, big data analysis services and intelligent solutions (smart parks, intelligent buildings, smart home). It marks the first time that FiberHome Services has introduced its “ICT Service Expert” messaging to the international market.

FiberHome ICT Service Solution Panorama

When confronting the opportunities and challenges for ICT transformation, traditional storage, operation and maintenance methods of data center cannot support the explosive growth in demand. As a result, the questions of how to construct cloud data centers with efficiency, high quality, flexibility and large-capacity, and how to provide professional operation, maintenance and flexible big data services (such as collection, analysis, etc.) have become the biggest challenge for operators. The wide range of cloud services that FiberHome Services provides can effectively solve their urgent needs.

The series of cloud service solutions provide full lifecycle service solutions, ranging from IDC infrastructure to cloud platform construction and maintenance, and big data applications. In IDC construction, using a modular IDC and factory prefabrication design, FiberHome can effectively finish the construction in just 8-12 weeks, helping customers to achieve efficient and high-quality deployment of data centers. At the same time, the efficient cooling system, closed channel structure and intelligent monitoring platform could reduce costs by more than 65%. By using FitOPS tools - based on the DevOPS concept - and the core module CMDB, the platform can achieve automatic operation and maintenance. To support the vast big data market, the utility of FitDataBee - the data acquisition tool - and FitInsight - the data mining analysis tool - can help customers break down data barriers, utilize data resources flexibly and provide a full range of big data analysis, decision support, data fusion support services and more.

After in-depth evaluation of FiberHome cloud services solution, a senior official from a Philippine operator commented that "in the transition to ICT, there are more pressures and challenges from customers, though there are a lot of opportunities. It is the FiberHome cloud services solution that we have been considered the most important on the road to transformation, I hope we can further in-depth exchanges, to explore the development of cloud services, and if possible, we also hope to work together with FiberHome Service in the field of ICT to achieve win-win situation."

At the CommunicAsia2017 exhibition, FiberHome Services also exhibited the reliability, timeliness and professionalism of FTTx and Integrated Services.

At present, FiberHome Services has covered the entire Asia-Pacific region, and also established a complete overall delivery center in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, India and other countries, with global customers from well-known operators and a wide range of private network customers in the Asia-Pacific region and South Asia.

After decades of development, FiberHome Services has transformed from a traditional maintenance service provider to an ICT integrated service provider, by providing IT + CT + Cloud integration services to meet customers' demands.

For more information, please visit http://www.fiberhomegroup.com

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