iFORTE builds WiFi in Jakarta

28 May 2008

Indonesia's iFORTE is building a wireless mesh network that extends WiFi access into bus stops across Jakarta's business district.

iFORTE's M-WIFO (Mobility-WiFi Fiber Optic) service uses wireless equipment from US supplier Firetide.

In the project's current phase, 95 wireless mesh nodes and 72 access points along a 25-mile stretch running through Jakarta's business districts in two corridors of the Trans-Jakarta bus system.

The wireless mesh nodes tap into the fiber backbone and distribute bandwidth to other mesh nodes deployed on surrounding buildings, or to access points installed on bus stops.

The access points deliver broadband signal to customer premises equipment (CPEs) installed in offices, shops, banks and residential complexes.

The first phase of the fiber build out, which would deploy 120-mile fiber optic network backbone, is expected to finish this June.

Spanning 300 square miles, it will cover 10 corridors of the Trans-Jakarta transit system in metropolitan Jakarta's business districts, including most of the first and second tier main streets.

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