IIJ, FPT Telecom join forces to deploy cloud

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08 Mar 2017

Internet Initiative Japan (IIJ) has completed construction of the service infrastructure for Vietnam’s FPT Telecom.

The cloud service, a joint project with Hanoi-based FPT Telecom, a subsidiary of Vietnam's largest IT conglomerate, will begin this March.

The company said FPT GIO CLOUD is Vietnam's first true cloud service, through which the telecom carrier provides a cloud environment that is directly connected to its backbone network in domestic data centers.

The company further said FPT GIO CLOUD is a “high-quality public cloud service-built on a service infrastructure in FPT Telecom's data center-that uses cloud construction and operation technologies that have been cultivated through IIJ's global experience.”

FPT Telecom provides its services to local companies and to both Japanese and non-Japanese foreign firms that are expanding their businesses within Vietnam. IIJ provides a cloud platform and mainly supports its operation and maintenance.

The service is available on an hourly basis and allows for the online sign up of required resources, such as CPUs and memory. Moreover, it offers a service-level agreement (SLA) that guarantees greater than 99.99% uptime on its virtual servers, making it a secure option for even mission-critical applications.

The service's infrastructure is directly connected to FPT Telecom's Internet backbone network, providing a stable cloud environment. Furthermore, the network between FPT Telecom and IIJ is interoperated and enables a low-latency communication environment, even between Japan and Vietnam.

The service allows for various customer needs such as the issuance of official receipts-the so-called "red invoices"-to comply with Vietnam's corporate tax system, billing monthly payment on invoice, various charging type responding to customer demands, and so on. FPT Telecom will also open a 24-hour call center, where it will provide meticulous support in both English and Vietnamese, the company further said.

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