India may back out of Galileo project

18 Oct 2006

(The Times of India via NewsEdge) India's participation in the Galileo project, a satellite navigation system being developed by the EU and European Space Agency, hangs in the balance due to the country's fears that sharing of sensitive data may not be adequately firewalled from individuals and other nations participating in the enterprise.

India had signed up to the 30-satellite landmark space navigation project in September last year, with the details supposed to be completed during the just-concluded summit meeting of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh with EU leaders in Helsinki.

However, things did not turn out as expected due to India's security concerns, mostly related to the access that the satellite system would have to all manner of geographical and tactical locations in the country, sources said.

Sources added that there were questions over how widely would the very precise data the system would provide of facilities, and even individual phone and vehicle users, be accessed.

These issues, said sources, were not resolved in Helsinki.

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