India may mandate minimum 3G speed

Dylan Bushell-Embling
23 Apr 2014

Indian telecom regulator TRAI is considering introducing a minimum speed requirement for mobile broadband services in the wake of complaints from consumers.

TRAI has launched a consultation into the prospect of mandating a minimum download speed for wireless data services, and requiring operators to make the minimum speed clear to customers in advertising materials.

At present, operators are required to test their minimum real-world download speeds and report the results to TRAI, but there is no current floor on the minimum speed that can be offered.

In the paper, TRAI said it was considering the rule change after a number of complaints from consumers over poor download speeds.

The proposed minimum would be based on the average of download speeds from the preceding three quarters.

TRAI has suggested mandating a minimum of 1Mbps with a 95% success rate for GSM 3G and CDMA EV/DO services and a floor of 56kbps for GSM and CDMA 2G services.

Operators would also need to make a firm commitment to consumers that it will meet these minimum speeds.

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