India may revamp security clearance rules

Dylan Bushell-Embling
22 Sep 2014

The Indian government could mandate that operators undergo security clearance before being granted a telecom license.

India's Home Ministry has written to the Department of Telecom suggesting that a security clearance process should be connected to the granting of any telecom license, the Economic Timesreported.

The ministry believes the process should include a background check for directors and promoters of the operator.

At present, operators must only seek security clearance prior to launching services, instead of prior to receiving a license.

But the Home Ministry has expressed concern that if a background check discovers anything unseemly any move to revoke a license could be held up by court action.

In the past, companies in multiple sectors have complained over the length of time it takes to receive security clearance, as it has taken as long as six months or a year. This has been considered a major bottleneck to the completion of various projects, the Times states.

But the Home Ministry's proposed guidelines would stipulate that it must decide on security clearances for any project within a 12-week window.

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