India seen to have one-fifth of Wimax users by 2012

19 Aug 2008

India, which recently took its initial step towards Wimax, is already forecasted to account for 20 percent of total subscribers in less than five years.

The Wimax Forum projects that more than 27.5 million Indians will be Wimax users by 2012.

The industry group earlier commended India's Department of Telecommunications for its allocation of and upcoming auction relating to the 2.3 and 2.5 GHz frequency bands. The auction will enable two 20 MHz blocks in both the 2.3 and 2.5 GHz bands.

It believes Wimax will be able to bridge the digital divide in one of the world's most populated countries, especially in remote provinces.

The Wimax Forum also plans to add an Indian certification lab by year-end to address demand for products.

"All of the leading telecom equipment manufacturers are having their Wimax base station and other infrastructure equipment Wimax Forum Certified and are ready to showcase their equipment in India," said Ron Resnick, president of the Wimax Forum.

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