Indoor maps to be new location battlefield

Michael Carroll
15 Jun 2012

Analysts predict indoor mapping companies are becoming takeover targets for firms including Google and Apple, as they seek to expand current mapping services.

IMS Research believes indoor positioning is the next hot potato of the location services market, forecasting that 120,000 indoor venue maps will be available to consumers by 2016. It bases its prediction on the fact major players including Apple have all but completed their current external map services, through a combination of acquisition and partnerships, which leaves indoor maps as the next logical battle ground.

The research firm predicts Apple, Google and Microsoft to dominate indoor mapping, with firms currently operating in the space – including Micello, Aisle 411 and Point Inside – likely acquisition targets for the trio. It notes Google and Microsoft are already mapping airports and shopping malls, but points out some venues may choose to remain independent to retain valuable data.

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