Infinera, DANTE secure Guinness record

Rob Powell/Telecom Ramblings
15 Aug 2013

Infinera and DANTE have teamed up to get themselves a new line in the record books, literally. It’s not for raw bandwidth capacity or speed though, but for the act of provisioning itself.

The two put Infinera’s DTN-X to work on the advanced research network GÉANT in about as much time as the average coffee break.

They installed and activated 8Gbps worth of superchannels between Vancis Amsterdam and GlobalConnect Hamburg and brought up 100GbE services in just 19 minutes and 1 second after the first line card was plugged in.

At a rate of 26.02 Tbps per hour, that was apparently enough to claim the Guinness World Record.

I didn’t know that Guinness had a line item for the speed of provisioning bandwidth, and of course it’s mainly a publicity stunt just like most of what goes into the Guinness book. But it’s also pretty darn fast.

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