Intel India debuts three digital literacy projects

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In a bid to bridge the digital divide in India, Intel has launched three projects to accelerate digital literacy at the grassroots level.

Intel India aims to reach out to the population in rural areas, upskill citizens in tier two cities and beyond and encourage innovation at the local level.

The chip manufacturing company will partner with state governments and the central government to set up 100 digital learning centers at Common Service Centres (CSCs) in rural areas. The company will work with state governments that are active on the Digital India program.

"We are thrilled to see the progress made through our collaboration with the government of India on various initiatives like 'Digital India' that are bringing technology and innovation mainstream in India," Robby Swinnen, General Manager, Intel Corporation (Asia-Pacific & Japan) said in a statement.

Building on the momentum of its "Ek Kadam Unnati Ki Aur" initiative to accelerate access to technology in non-urban India, Intel India e-launched its latest "Unnati Kendra at Common Service Centre" (UK at CSC) in Karnal, the first in Haryana. The 'UK at CSC' will serve as the common access digital learning centers for people of the state.

Intel India is working with the government to open a network of up to 100 'UK at CSC' facilities across 10 states this year, with 10 such facilities already set up in the state of Telangana. The "Digital Unnati" website, set up in collaboration with the CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd, will enable Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs) to learn how to assemble a PC online and upskill their technology know-how.

In addition, the Intel and Government of India’s Department of Science & Technology (DST) Innovate for Digital India Challenge will be launched later on in the year. The challenge supports local innovation and entrepreneurship and is a nationwide competition inviting technology solutions to solve real problems faced by citizens.

"Intel India is fully committed to achieving the realization of a truly Digital India and has been supporting this vision by fostering innovation and upskilling of the non-urban population," sums up Debjani Ghosh, vice president, sales and marketing and director, Intel South Asia.


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