Internet of everything: pigs, cows and football

Chee Sing Chan
18 Jun 2014

What can be connected will be connected. This seems to be the mission with all technologists today.

Pigs might fly is the oft-spouted reply when faced with an absurd proposition or a highly unlikely scenario. But pigs and cows connected to the web? Nothing unlikely there.

The internet of everything truly is upon us, which would have John Chambers at Cisco beaming with some degree of smugness.

The prospect of things both living and inanimate being connected through sensors, chips and wireless networks is no longer fantasy.

Recently, two pioneering companies in sensors and IoT technologies, General Alert (GA) and 1248, have embarked on collecting real-time data from pigs, poultry and other livestock in the UK to provide early warning of transmitted diseases.

The internet of pigs is all set to fly as sensors are tracking multiple factors to monitor livestock health, behavior and imminent signs of diseases such as foot-and-mouth.

Real-time data will include temperature, drinking water flow, animal feed rate, humidity, CO2 concentration, ammonia and pH readings which will be gathered via in-vivo RFID (in-body) and temperature tags planted in pigs, effectively turning a pig into a “thing” on the Internet of Things.

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