IoT: New vertical value chains and interoperability

Wireless Broadband Alliance
10 Apr 2017
White Papers

This white paper reveals that 85% of companies have made IoT a key focus area over the last 12 months, but have prioritized Consumer and Home, Transportation and Energy. When using unlicensed technology within IoT, monetization will be driven by non-traditional approaches, such as big data and new advertising models.

This paper also analyzes the use of Passpoint/Next Generation Hotspot (NGH) based roaming to facilitate the adoption of IoT services using unlicensed based radio technologies. WBA explores the evolution of identities for IoT-centric devices, moving up the stack to an association with applications and embedded identifiers.

Download the white paper to learn about the key priorities for operators and technology vendors, and the monetization potential for unlicensed technologies for IoT.

This white paper first appeared on Wireless Broadband Alliance

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