iPhone 5 to have sub-4" screen: rumors

Dylan Bushell-Embling
Daily News

Adding to the list of conflicting rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5, a new report suggests that the device's screen could be smaller than widely expected.

While the rumor mill has long held that the phone will have a 4.2-inch screen, Taiwan component industry sources toldDigiTimes that the screen will be under 4 inches.

Apple is likely to use a display of between 3.5 and 3.7 inches, to allow it to use a thinner bezel, the sources claimed.

They also asserted that the device's components will not be significantly changed from the iPhone 4, stating that rumored hardware specifications are based on market expectations.

Apple's newest smartphone has been the subject of a wave of conflicting rumors and speculation, including whether or not it will support LTE, whether it will launch in September or October and even whether it will even be called the iPhone 5.

US operator Sprint Nextel is itself the subject of speculation that it will be carrying the iPhone 5. The company did little to quell the flames, after telling its employees not to comment if customers, friends or family ask about the rumors.

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