iPhone + kids + blender = big fun

11 Jul 2007

Well, I've been busy, for one thing. Besides, out of the 91 million blogs registered on Technorati, about 97% of them have done something on the iPhone. So why should I weigh in on something that (1) we can't even get here in Asia, (2) only works on AT&T's network, and (3) isn't really all that unique round these parts‾ It's not like I can't go to the nearest shop and buy a phone with a touch screen that plays MP3s.

Anyway, here's one thing worth blogging about the iPhone: it's got a UI so simple even a one-year-old can master it.

Video evidence here on the YouTubes [via YesButNoButYes ].

See also: two-year-old Anna exploring the iPhone and playing a Coldplay video on YouTube.

I hope handset makers and service providers are paying attention here. Ease of use is going to be crucial to mobile services as more devices and media converge. So it might be a good idea to equip yr R&D lab with a nursery.

By the way, on a related note, if you're wondering if iPhones are blender-proof‾ They're not. Highly recommended if you want to see a $500 phone reduced to smoking powder.

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