ITU signs off on new cybersec standards

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05 Feb 2014
Daily News

Members of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) have agreed on new international standards on cybersecurity, cloud computing security and Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1) encoding rules for time-critical applications.

These come in parallel with the second edition of Common Alerting Protocol (CAP 1.2), a key standard in the dissemination of emergency warnings.

The new standards now available on the ITU-T website include the first ITU standard on cloud computing security (Recommendation ITU-T X.1601), and cybersecurity risk indicator (Recommendation ITU-T X.1208).

Two standards - Recommendations ITU-T X.1546 (Malware attribute enumeration and characterization) and X.1582 (Transport protocols supporting cybersecurity information exchange) - were also added to ITU’s Cybersecurity Information Exchange (CYBEX), a suite of standardized means to exchange the cybersecurity information demanded by Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRTS).

Meanwhile, the standardization of ASN.1 Octet Encoding Rules (OER) embodied by ITU-T X.696 responds to the financial services sector’s need for interoperability and ultra-high-speed structured information exchange.

ITU said the new standards have reached first-stage approval and are now undergoing a final review on course to their approval and publication.

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