Japan aftermath: NTT Com, Salesforce, Verizon

Japan aftermath: NTT Com, Salesforce, Verizon

Carol Ko  |   March 28, 2011
Asia Cloud Forum
This article continues from the Japan aftermath story on AWS, Equinix, Google and Microsoft, which provides a quick status check on the cloud services of NTT Com, Salesforce.com and Verizon Business delivered from Japan.
Apart from the rolling blackouts being implemented by the power companies in Tokyo and Tohoku, no major disruption to cloud services delivery was reported.
NTT Communications provides data center services from its data center in Tokyo. Since the Japan earthquake struck on March 11, the company's data center services have been operating without disruption, according to a NTT Com Asia spokesperson.
In response to the rolling blackouts being implemented by Tokyo Electric Power and Tohoku Electric Power to conserve energy, NTT Com has installed emergency power generators in data centers and communication facilities "to prevent disruption of related communication services."
"Since our data centers are connected directly to our industry-leading IPv6 compliant, tier-1, fully redundant, global IP network backbone, all via multiple and diverse physical and logical network paths, this ensures the IT systems and applications provide the high performance and response time that our clients require," said the spokesperson.
The earthquake has rendered NTT Com's enterprise IP-VPN and e-VLAN services partially unavailable in the Tohoku region during peak disruption. By March 22, the company has recovered some 12,500 lines for IP-VPN and e-VLAN services out of the 15,000.
The earthquake has also "partially damaged" NTT Com's submarine cables connecting Japan with the US and other parts of Asia, but the company has been using backup cable routes to maintain uninterrupted service.


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